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2 rooms for 1 person in my flat

Looking for roommate, coinquilino/a who's interested in living at 1min biking distance from morgartenring, but still wants to wake up with the birds.

I offer two rooms for 1 person in my four room flat. The big one is 15sqm and the small one 7.5sqm. Starting beginning or mid june. We'd be a WG (shared flat) but only sharing bathroom, hallway, kitchen and the beautiful balcony with afternoon and evening sun. And also the garden is free to use. The apartment is on the second floor and the house is located in Allschwil. You got acces to tramline 6 and busline 36. I am 35yo, f and working a lot. I won't be home a lot, so i don't expect you to share every free minute with me. But every once in a while having a dinner, a beer or a wine together could be nice though. I don't expect anything in particular, as long as you know how to use a hoover and you know what being considerate means ;-)

The price is 750.- (incl.)

Email me something about you, if you are interested in moving in.

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