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Apple MACBOOK PRO, TB, 15-inch, 16 GB, 2,6 GHz, i7

I am selling an excellent Macbook Pro which is in perfect condition, used by a business lady who used it for some time with utmost care.

There are absolutely no scratches or dents on the laptop or on the screen. It was always used in the office with utmost care: I never experienced any issue or troubles using this excellent laptop. The latest Apple iOS 10.15.7. is installed.)

The battery is in NORMAL condition                                                                                           (according to the recent MAC diagnosis tool which I run recently on this appliance).

The Macbook has got a hard disk with 256 GB.

Accessories : 1 Original Apple charging cable

                      1 Original Apple box       

                      1 Original purchase invoice (FUST shop :  The purchase amount 

                       was CHF 2'149.00)

Prize :  CHF 1'450.00 

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