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Apple MACBOOK PRO, TB, 15-inch, 16 GB, 2,6 GHz, i7

I am selling an excellent Macbook Pro which is in perfect condition, used by a business lady who used it for some time with utmost care

I am selling my MacBook, 15-inch, 16 GB RAM, 251 GB Flash Storage, TouchBar, 2.6 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 processor, 

plus the following original accessories :

1 Original Apple charging cable

1 Original Apple box       

1 Original purchase invoice (FUST shop :                                                                            The purchase amount was CHF 2'149.00)

Prize :  CHF 1'200.00 

. The Macbook works 100% perfectly, the battery check (screen shot) is attached in my ad

. It was always used with the utmost care, by a Swiss business lady, at her office only,

in a professional manner

. It has absolutely no scratches, no stains, no crumbles etc. and it has absolutely no dents

all around the appliance or screen

. The latest software update, the latest update, macOS Big Sur 11.2.3, is installed already  and is working perfectly with other software and apps :)

. The Macbook is ready to be used by a new owner 

. The Apple ID of the new owner can be activated immediately as Apple ID, all other   previously used apps, passwords etc. are removed before the hand-over

. Files, applications, third party software and links previously used will be removed in order that the new owner can immediately continue to use the MacBook and link it to a new Internet connection

. The original invoice (Fust shop, purchase in March 2017) is available

. The prize is justified and therefore not negotiable

. Comments regarding the prize and attempts to negotiate the prize for this Mac are not considered

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