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creative unicorn space is looking for new member

18m2 bright room, 530 CHF (wifi inlcuded), balcony with two chill areas, bathtub, more than 50 plants, interactive space... ready for your input

sex-positivity, unicorness, weirdness, high-sensitivity, art, creation, philosophy, change, home parties, plant based food, weee (d), students of life, media, erotics, movies, empirist, social media, music production, photography, modeling, feminist p*rn, intersectionality, "freedom", Lange Erle, walking, breakfast, meditation, nature, friends, slow food, family, books, hookups, overthinking, veganism, polyamory, music, soul, empathy, cinema, Rhein, independent art, concerts, love, honesty, content creation, efficiency, slow living, conscious living, communication, non-verbal communication, self-healing, social studies, documentaries, safe space, intrinsic before extrinsic, fragile, listening, caring, non-judgmental, interdisciplinary, intercultural, queerness, peacefulness, harmony, stop separating everything - it's one love

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Room is free from now on. latest moving date: 1.8.2020

it's a 3 room flat in total. Upon agreement, it is also possible to rent two rooms, that are connected through one door. commuters welcome 

ohh and yess... Kleinbasel :)

@cocoshka__ for background checks


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