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I'm a german tutor (Germanistik, German Literature) with a long experience teaching german in language schools and offering also individual tutoring. 

I teach German as a Foreign Language (DaF) and German as a Second Language /Deutsch als Zweitsprache (DaZ). I accompany the students through the school year with the books and material of the school according to their grade. I know the Swiss School System as well as the content of every school year. Most of my students are going into Swiss Schools in Basel and Basel Land, other to the International Schools of Basel (SIS and ISB).

I always create a friendly and relaxing atmosphere for my students, that they feel comfortable and have good learning conditions, and I consider their personality. I support them in grammar, orthography, amplifying their vocabulary, secureness of speaking, writing and preparing book presentations

HOMEWORK: I do their homework with them or correct them

 GRAMMAR: I give support to make a good grammar base and to develop a clear understanding of the german grammar (4 Fälle, Artikel, Zeiten, unregelmäßige Verben etc.). Therefore I include a Grammarbook on a A, B or C-level, according to the students level

WRITING OF TEXTS: I help them writing texts or essays: text and sentence structure, creating and bring together ideas, how to connect and begin sentences and amplifying vocabulary

INTERPRETATION: I work with the understanding of different sorts of texts and essays of their grade: report, argumentation, literature, lyrics etc.

ORTHOGRAPHIE: Orthographic rules and dictates; Comma-rules

EXAMS: I prepare in an effective way and at time for their tests, already before they receive their "Lernziele" from school

UNDERSTANDING: I support a better understanding of the tasks of the exercices

EXTRA MATERIALS: I include extra materials and exercises into lessons according to their issues

LEARNING STRATEGIES: I show them learning strategies and a better organization, which they can apply for other subjects to be in the future more independent

CONTACT HEADTEACHER: If requested, I offer to get in contact with their headteachers (per mail or phone) to support my students in the best possible way

OTHER SUBJECTS: I also support in NMG and other subjects if necessary 

E- AND P-LEVEL: I prepare for the transition to Secondary School for the P-Level and for the „Übertrittsprüfung“ (transition exam)

HOLIDAY COURSES: I offer holiday-courses to repeat themes of the school year and to have time to work with special weaknesses and gaps. I also try to prepare some things in advance to have a good beginning of the new school year

MOTIVATION: I always motivate my students to begin to like their subject and to stay focussed to achieve their aims

 My hourly rate: 50 CHF / h (60 min.)

If interested, please contact me for a trial lesson. It's for free and of course without commitment. 

Looking forward to hearing from you

Kind Regards

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