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Digital Marketing Intern

Highly innovative app team (Skeebdo) looking for a digital marketing colleague through successful product launch

Who we are:

We are Team Skeebdo (! The five of us are developing a digital English learning solution that helps to learn English vocabulary, based on movies and TV shows and later through other every day consumed content (e.g. YouTube videos).

What we are looking for:

The Skeebdo team is looking for a colleague that is passionate & excited about digital marketing, who is looking for a challenge to make a mobile app spread in Switzerland, Turkey, Hungary, Germany, Austria, and/or others. We are looking for someone who likes to think creatively and ideally with experience on making something spread. We are a team that believes in experimenting and are not afraid to try out new ways of doing things. For language skills: English and German is a must, with Turkish and others as a plus.

Goal of engagement:

We would like to challenge you with making such an effective digital marketing campaign that 20'000+ users register. Based on performance, we would be glad to invite you for an all-expenses paid weekend to Budapest, Hungary, enjoying the city as a tourist with local guides (us). Note: Offer pertains to once COVID-19 restrictions allow it without issues.

Time commitment & duration:

160 hours, spread across ~14 weeks at 12 hours every week (e.g. 3 days/week and 4 hours/day). The opportunity would start Otober 5, 2020 and would end approximately January 8, 2021, but this is flexible and can be modified.


Please reach out to us via the contact address for more information.

Our commitment:

You will experience what it is like to work in a start-up, with one clear goal in mind. ”Spread Skeebdo”. You will be engaged in all of the marketing conversations and we will also give you freedom to experiment with crazy, positive reputation-building marketing ideas. We promise, we will give you credit wherever we can and will help you develop in the field of digital marketing & entrepreneurship (if that is of long-term interest).

Tangible result (output):

You will be able to state that you put together a digital marketing campaign that you executed on, which resulted in "x" users registering for a brand new mobile app. One of the best feelings in the business world is the ability to tangibly measure your impact. Companies are desperate to have colleagues with such direct experience.

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