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English Language Teacher for Toddler Aged Child

Job title: English Language Teacher (non smoker)

Job Purpose

The purpose of this role is to continue to expose and teach the English language, with emphasis on correct sentence syntax, through a native English speaker to a two and a half year old child. Born to Russian and Swiss parents, the child currently converses with his parents at home in both Russian and German. At present, his Russian language is his strongest language as he primarily receives his language input through his mother, who is the primary caregiver during the day. The child has been receiving English lessons weekly for the last year. He has a solid receptive understanding of the English language, for example, he can follow multi-step instructions and directions and answers simples’ questions. However, the child will frequently respond and initiate conversation with his English teacher in Russian, unless prompted to converse in English through immediate language modelling. Lessons to date, have primarily focused on exposing the child to the English language through play based interactions, which follow the child’s natural curiosity of the world around him. Over the next year and beyond, a continuation of exposing the child to the English language through play based, child led lessons, in addition to the gradual introduction of more structured formalized teaching of reading and writing skills in a developmentally appropriate fashion is required. 

Duties and Responsibilities

• Create and deliver engaging learning experiences, which promote and develop spoken English language skills.

• Develop age appropriate English vocabulary.

• Provide exposure to English vocabulary on a range of topics.

• Use play based, child led learning, to maximize English language development.

• Over time, develop and deliver more structured lessons, which prioritize the development of reading and writing skills.

• Implement specific questioning techniques during play and reading to further develop comprehension skills.

• Provide regular updates to parents on child progress and provide strategies for parents to implement at home to maximize child learning.

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