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German or English as a foreign language

Why not go for it now? Use the support of a competent tutor to upgrade your German or English language skills and enjoy making progress.

Are you looking for a skilled tutor with cross-cultural sensitivity to guide and support you in learning German or English? Qualified multilingual professional with SVEB-1 certificate (adult education) as well as ample experience teaching, tutoring and counseling in Switzerland and abroad provides playful yet focused guidance towards mastery of standard German (Hochdeutsch) or English as a foreign language. Individual or small group format (bring along a friend or partner) tailored to your needs and pacing. Structured lessons focused on the spoken and/or written language as well as exam prep or conversation format from beginning to advanced levels. May add EFT or Braingym to help with learning blocks or test anxiety. Affordable fees starting at CHF 30 for small group tuition, CHF 50 for a full hour of conversation and CHF 60 per hour for structured one-on-one lessons. Call or email for a free trial session! Ich freue mich auf Ihre Nachricht!

Eva Zimmermann 061 421 29 15 oder

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