Intensive Digital Marketing & Social Media Seminar

Intensive Digital Marketing & Social Media Internship Seminars in MADRID, SPAIN (AUGUST 2018)

ROOSTERGNN Global News Network (, a non-profit organization, and ROOSTERGNN Academy are OFFERING,

Intensive Digital Marketing & Social Media Internship Seminars, based in Madrid, Spain.

During the Internship Seminar, students participate in an intensive digital marketing and social media program, coordinated by a Team of Experts and Mentors. The program includes participation at Marketing Meetings, interactive Marketing and Social Media Workshops, Mentoring Sessions and Feedback Sessions, all of which culminates in the creation of a portfolio of viral content (texts, images, videos), adapted for the web and social media. The work submitted by the students will be presented to the Marketing Board of the agency for publication, if applicable.

All of the Experts and Mentors are bilingual (English & Spanish). To participate in the Seminars, it is required that students have knowledge of at least ONE of these languages. Students can choose to write their articles in English, Spanish or both.

The selection process is rigorous and includes an interview for all candidates of interest.

The Internship Seminar offers students the possibility to graduate with a Portfolio of Published Content, published in the agency, a Digital Marketing & Social Media Internship Certification, a Certification of Academic Credit, as well as a Letter of Recommendation of Merit, if applicable.

The Internship Seminar includes housing in shared studio apartments in the central Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid, Spain .

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