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Internationales Seminar in Madrid im Februar 2023

We are looking for 2 participants for the International Seminar “Agenda 2030 - How can we achieve the global SDG?”, which will take place in Madrid

We are ready to invite you to join a one-week training course “Agenda 2030 - how can we achieve the global SDGs?” (19 - 25 February 2023, Madrid), during which you will discuss current challenges with reaching the global Sustainability goals, the concept of climate justice and climate movements internationally.

We believe that the training course will increase your climate-related knowledge, and selfconfidence, make your daily life and work more efficient related to the topic of climate and sustainability and help you have a greater impact on your surrounding community and environment!

We offer you not only an excellent learning opportunity, but also a unique networking experience with like-minded people from across Europe.

The travel costs, your participation fee, food and accommodation are covered by SCI Switzerland and Movetia – the National Agency for Exchange and Mobility. If you are a resident of Switzerland, to participate in the training course, you need to become a member of SCI Switzerland (

Please find the full call for the seminar here:

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