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Internationales Seminar "Peace on the streets"

“Peace on the streets. An action training for youth campaigning against war and militarism” is a 5-day (plus travel) training hosted by SCI Austria.

SCI (Service Civil International) is an international peace organization. With this seminar, we are aiming at the following:

- Train youth workers basics of campaigning and street actions - indirect target group: youth

- Give youth workers the tools to support youth in expressing themselves and their hopes for a peaceful future through activism

- Increase the quality and amount of youth projects for peace and against war

- Bring non-formal peace education to the streets of Europe and to as a consequence increase public understanding around militarism

- Raise the possibilities of people within the Europe volunteering movement to get active in peace activism

- Come up with new and creative street actions that effectively target war and militarism in our societies

- Get a common understanding of antimilitarism

- Learn the history of antimilitarism in street activism

- Networking - create a common approach in promoting peace

- Promote European values of democracy, freedom of speech, peace and non-violence

- Implement a street action in Vienna


Are you interested? We are happy to send you further information about the training. All costs are covered by Erasmus+ (travel, food & accommodation)

Apply now: / 031 381 46 20

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