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Internship or MSc thesis in molecular psychology

Looking for two MSc students who want to do internship or thesis in the field of caffeine, reinforcement learning, or molecular psychology.

We are the research team from Centre for Chronobiology at Universitäre Psychiatrische Kliniken Basel! We are looking for two MSc student who are interested in doing an internship or a Master's thesis in the field of molecular psychology.

Note: As the study has been ongoing, if you are interested in joining the early stage of the preparation, please contact us as soon as possible.

Study introduction:

This clinical study will use a double-blind randomized crossover design to investigate the effects of acute and daily caffeine on reinforcement learning in healthy adults.

 Striatal dopamine-modulated reinforcement learning is underlying several clinical disorders, including addictions and psychotic symptoms. Reinforcement learning also pervasively affects the formulation of habits, memories, and beliefs.

Caffeine,  the most commonly used psychostimulant in the world, enhances the striatal dopamine signals. In this study, we will examine whether reinforcement behaviors can be augmented by acute or daily caffeine intake, and if there is a preferential pathway between positive and negative reinforcement pathways.


For internship:

  • Recruiting and screening study candidates.
  • Communicating with study participants (e.g. Q & A, reminders etc.)
  • Assisting in experiments.

For MSc thesis:

  • All above + data analyses.

This study may suit you if you are…

• Interested in molecular psychology and further clinical applications.

• Interested in international collaboration.

Please feel free to contact Yu-Shiuan Lin for more information if you are interested! :)

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