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large room in Kleinbasel from June 2018 (CHF 600)

unfurnished, large room with huge windows. we have a cozy kitchen, large balcony, weird living room.

we are looking for someone who is able to speak english and/or french. We prefer someone who is at least 23 years old and with WG experiences :)

Wir sindWe are a slightly alternative couple. Our flatmate moves out in june, thats why we need someone new. We both lived for many years in shared apartments and know what it means to give space. in the same its important to us to have a good time together. we like to cook and drink something together or just chill. ___________ 

28 years old bearded guy, last year of PHD in Physics, loves red wine, good coffee, vinyls and going out. most important thing in his life right now is taking care of his baby-plants. vegetarian_____________ 

22 year old woman, former graphic designer wants to start studying forestry science. likes reading about science and discussing politics. biggest thing in her life right now is walking barefoot on gras the first time this year. flexitarian___________

 we will be on a europe-trip in july, so you have to share the apartment for a month with two girls who are renting our rooms on this time. but they are nice, promise! :)

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