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Large room in two-storey flat

Free room from December for 590.- Fr. (incl. incidental costs) in our maisonnette flat with a sunny balcony at Holeestrasse.

We are looking for an open and uncomplicated flatmate from January on.

We are Vinicio (26), Eibhlin (22) and Simona (25) studying urbanism, chemistry, and biology resp. in Basel. Not all of us speak German fluently so we communicate in English. Every now and then we cook together, have a drink and talk, or do other activities. We are very active people (when we’re not stuck behind our desks).

Our two-storey flat is spacious with an often used and sunny balcony, a cosy, colourful kitchen, a small living room, two bathrooms and storage space. The train station and the University are about 10min away by bike/public transport. There are a couple of grocery stores and public transport stops within walking distance. The room for rent has c. 18m^2 and two windows.


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The Holee flat

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