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95 englischsprachige Filme, Originalfassungen, neuwertig, nur als Paket, CHF 400,00, abzuholen in 4055 Basel

95 Filme auf Laserdisc, NTSC und PAL, neuwertig, zum grössten Teil englischsprachige, amerikanische Filme, Originalfassungen, ausführliche Liste mit Angaben zu Regisseur und Hauptdarstellern auf Anfrage, nur als Paket, CHF 400,00, abzuholen in Basel

Grand Illusion, The Grass Harp, Forest Gump, The Great Dictator, Limelight, 12 Angry Men, I’ll Cry Tomorrow, Lone Star, Up Close & Personal, Thelma & Louise, The Englishman, Designing Woman, Anatomy Of A Murder, The Crying Game, Hamlet, The English Patient, Kolya, It’s AWonderful Life, Ishtar, Topkapi, Indochine, Husbands And Wives, White Sands, Mute Witness, Heat, Funny Face, Les Choses De La Vie, Multiplicity, Hannah And Her Sisters, It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, Hero, L.A.Confidential, Sabrina, Adam’s Rib, As Good As It Gets, Cyrano De Bergerac, Damage, Shine, Sleepless In Seattle, Dave, The Client, Death Becomes Her, Born Yesterday, The Big Easy, Air Force One, Babe A Little Pig Goes A Long Way, La Dolce Vita, The Mirror Has Two Faces, The Bridges Of Madison County, All About Eve, Blue Sky, The Perez Family, Coup De Torchon, The Last Metro, Liar Liar, The Maltese Falcon, Made In America, Cool Runnings, Cop Land, A Few Good Man, The Court Jester, Ed Wood, Marty, Marathon Man, Outbreak, Rising Sun, The Public Eye, Quiz Show, La Soif De L’Or, A Simple Twist Of Fate, Bell, Book And Candle, Bound,Switch, Smoke, Sneakers, She’s The One, Scent Of A Woman, Sea Of Love, Lolita, The Duellists, Four Weddings And A Funeral, The Fisher King, The Field, Little Big Man, Mermaids, Legal Eagles, An Affair To Remember, Seven, Sister Act, Single White Female, The Sting, Steel Magnolias, Don Juan De Marco, Beverly Hills Cop III, The Fortune Cookie

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