Translations : German - English or vice versa

Hi Everyone, I am offering my services as translator : . translations of documents or simultaneous from German into English or vice versa

Hello Everyone,

I am offering professional translation services from German into English or vice versa (including business / university or private documents : IT / technical manuals / marketing / art etc.) 

Price :  CHF 10.00 per A4 page (or by arrangement)

Please note, I am INVOICING the costs - I do not offer VOLUNTEER WORK ! 

The costs will have to be paid in order to keep the translations going !

Prizes can be negotiated :)

You may wish to send me your documents using any kind of electronic files. I will manage to convert it into whatever electronic format will be needed (e.g. Mac applications, MS WORD, MS PowerPoint, PDFs etc.)

Kind regards,


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