Translations : German - English or vice versa

Hi Everyone, I am offering my services as a translator . translations of documents or simultaneous from German into English or vice versa

Hello Everyone,

I am offering professional translation services from German into English or vice versa (including business / university or private documents : IT / legal / technical manuals / marketing / art etc.) 

Price :  CHF 10.00 per A4 page (or by arrangement)

Please note, I am INVOICING the costs - I do not offer VOLUNTEER WORK ! 

The costs will have to be paid in order to keep the translations going !

Prizes can be negotiated :)

You may wish to send me your documents, using any kind of electronic files. 

I will convert it into whatever electronic format which will be needed                               (e.g. Mac applications, MS WORD, MS PowerPoint, PDFs etc.)

N.B. Please, tell me what kind of services you need and we discuss more details a.s.a.p.

Thank you and kind regards,


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