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WG in Basel near University

We are three creative people searching for a new roommate from mid August. The room is very spacious, for 700.- a month.

We are looking for a new roommate that is open for different cultures and enjoys to spend time with us. We like to talk, cook and go out together or drink a beer or a glass of wine to a home cooked meal. We are all very busy but we like to keep our apartment clean and tidy. We are a little family but everyone also has his own routine and life and that is totally fine as long as we respect and talk with each other. The room is big with a wonderful old wooden floor. Price: 700.-. It is also possible to take over the furniture (bed, closet, table, chair, shelf). The apartment has 4 bedrooms, a spacious living room and a big middle room between kitchen and living room with a dining table. We have a small bathroom with a toilet and a bigger one with a bathtub and a toilet. There is also a small balcony outside the kitchen and the best thing: we have a huge common rooftop terrace. The apartment is very close to the city centre (near Petersplatz). We are three creative people. Pilar (27) studied architecture in Spain and is working now in an architecture office here in Basel. She is a wonderful and very open person, uncomplicated and it’s always a pleasure to talk and laugh with her, even if she can get a bit loud sometimes. She is very ‘lebensfreudig’. Pedro (26) studied Design in Portugal and he is finishing in September his Master in Graphic Design at the Basel School of Design. He is probably the most caring and loving person in the house and also the most talkative one. He loves food and cooking. Not so much to clean afterwards – but that’s fine. He likes music and books and is probably the core of our little family. Michelle (27) studied Media science and Business here in Basel and is also finishing her Master in visual communication at the Basel School of Design this September. She is the one organising and keeping our flat always nicely decorated. Lindy-Hop dance teacher in part-time, wine lover full time, open minded, talkative and always ready to listen to other opinions. She doesn’t miss any opportunity to have a deep conversation about life. All in all we like to spend time together, but we all have also our own lives and sometimes we don’t see each other for a week and that’s totally fine. But if we see each other we want to enjoy living together with respect and love. Write us something about yourself and your passions and why you would like to meet us. ☺ 

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