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Yoga for Beginners - Sat, Apr 21, 13:30 - 15:30

Come explore the yoga ‘essentials’ in a fun and supportive workshop at Niyama Yoga, Basel.

This workshop is right for you no matter if you are beginning your yoga journey or if you have been doing yoga already and you want to refresh your skills in the fundamental techniques and tools of yoga.


  • We will spend time on the fundamental poses and sequences you’ll find at the core of most yoga classes, such as downward facing dog, warrior poses and sun salutations, so you feel confident and prepared to take the next step.
  • We will also cover topics central to growing a solid yoga practice: tips for alignment and modifications to suit your body; connecting breath and movement; and techniques for relaxation and quieting the mind. 

What to bring

  • Just your yoga clothes, everything else is there and included in the price (mats etc.) 


  • English and German 


  • All levels welcome from beginner to advanced

Details & Registration

  • Reduced price CHF 50 for students
  • Registration:

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