A course that it is in itself a counter-movement against a way of learning drawings based on cubes, ellipses, etc… a counter pole against a PURELY LOGICAL and intellectual copying and rendering of objects, people and spaces, copying in the sense of an as-precise-as-possible reproduction, and standardized inasmuch as the personality of the drawer TAKES SECOND PLACE to a so-called “objective” reproduction of what is being drawn.

I would like to to offer a course that enables everybody to try out what things mean out to them absolutely personally: what is a cube, a tube, a woman, a man, a child, an animal, what are landscapes, spaces, movements, etc. What seems to me important to me here is to show one’s relationship to what is being drawn, to place a personal significance in every sign drawn and to take this seriously, even if it is “merely” a scrawl or a scribble and not a “finished” drawing.    

 On foot will be on the significance of the BODY and into the posture of the body in the act of drawing, where it is decisive in determining the actual style and touch. Exercise to reduce “brain”-control in favor of one’s personal, individual movement.

The next step will be THE PERSONAL SIGNS. In this stage I would leave it to the students to decide what they want to depict and how. Through dialogue we will try to find out, yes, what do things mean to me and how do I represent them? Personal signs, after all, encopass all types – from those drawn exactly on smooth paper with a hard pencil to soft scribbling on large surfaces, from miniature depictions of things to unclear script-like signs.

For drawing is a never-ending argument between the rehearsed, standardized aesthetic conceptions and the wholly personal sign languages.

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