Guitar classes in the region of Basel

Do you have a guitar sitting in the corner of your house that you always wanted to learn how to play, or do want to take your music making to the next level? My name is Tiago Leal, I'm a professional musician and I'm offering Guitar and Lute lessons in Basel.

I own a Master in Music Pedagogy and a Master in Performance, both attained at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. I have 12 years of experience teaching the Guitar and the Lute to students both young and adult.  I like to teach and play most styles of music, from classical music to Pop and Rock.

It doesn't matter how much experience you have with your instrument, or music in general; I'm confortable teaching both beginner and advanced students, and I do my best to suit the content of my classes to the student's musical interests, level and availability. I also offer Music theory classes to interested students.    

Classes are offered in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

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