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Conversational Spanish with Grammar Help!

Hello Basel Universität community !

*ALL Levels & Abilities A1 – C1*

My name is Carlos and I would like to offer grammar lessons as well as interesting conversation classes covering current issues for:

- those, who have already started, but need some further guidance and motivation,

- those who want their children to learn Spanish.

- those who are preparing for DELE or international exams.

- those who would like to learn the language from the very beginning and also intermediate or advanced.

- travelers and professional Spanish.

I can make any conversation pleasant, this will improve your skills quicker as it gives you the opportunity to speak properly and for longer.

- I have all the materials needed to begin, as well as the knowledge of how the language should be taught at all levels.

Hourly rate: 40.-/hour, 30.-/45 min; 25.-/30min

I speak English and I would say my German is communicative B1, but I prefer to speak Spanish in class. I will slow it down if you need that. I will make sure you understand me and slowly increase the speed over time as your comprehension increases. If you insist I will be happy to speak some English or German in the class to guide you and explain some grammar rules if need be.

- Conversational Spanish with Grammar Help!

- SUBJUNTIVO fácil, rápido y lógico.

- Instant Tutoring Available! Just send me a message or an e-mail and we will start right away.


It's a great language. It's fun to learn, but it does take work. Why not try some classes with me? I know you'll enjoy them.

Carlos Cornejo

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